First kiss? Relax! We’ll brush you up on what to expect.

Where are sessions held?
Usually in your home – don’t worry about it not being the perfect model home. I’ll scout out the perfect locations within your home and turn a blind eye to that pile of laundry that’s been building up. As an alternative, we can make arrangements to have the shoot take place at a hotel of your choice and in the city of your choice.

How much will I have to bare?
This is completely up to you and your comfort level. It’s a matter of choice, and it might depend on how you feel on that particular day. It certainly doesn’t have to be only lingerie – your man’s button-up can be just as sexy.

What do I need for the shoot?
Your lingerie and any favorite accessories you wish to be photographed in, such as shoes, jewelry or hair accessories. Also, having a playlist of your favorite music is great to have to keep you feeling relaxed!

When and how will I see the results?
You will be given access to a confidential online gallery within four weeks of the shoot to discuss your images and make your album selections.

What if I’m not good at posing?
Don’t worry, we don’t expect any of our clients to have experience in posing. It’s our job to highlight the parts you love and de-emphasize the parts you don’t. We’ll get a better idea of what that is through your in-person or phone consultation. Then we will gently direct you throughout the Kissable session to achieve the best results while leaving you feeling great the whole time.

How long will the shoot last?
It’s fun to play with the angles and attributes of the different outfits so it’s safe to allow about an hour for 1-2 outfits.