Ta Da!

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I’m so excited to FINALLY announce my blog.  I had been feeling overwhelmed with all the technologies out there to market yourself: Facebook, twitter, buzz, tumbler, blogging….and then the room would start to spin. I mean, I still break out the carton of ice cream every time a film stock is pulled off the shelves! What business did I have in starting a blog?

I admit, I wield my digital camera alongside my five film cameras, and yes, I do love all my cameras equally, but for some reason I resisted creating a blog.  Then, I had the realization that having a blog is a heck of a lot easier then updating your website every time you have a shoot. Especially for those shoots that gives you that excited feeling like the first time you picked up your camera.  And that’s been happening to me a lot lately. Sorry if that got a little corny – but it’s true!

So ta da!  Here’s to a new(ish) year and a new blog. Enjoy!