Rustic Farm Wedding in Wilkes County, NC

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I loved this wedding.  It reminded me so much of my own wedding in Elkin, NC and considering it was only 10 miles down the road, it’s not surprising why.  Everything was perfectly simple which is simply perfect in my mind. The Appalachian mountains was the panoramic landscape as an old time duo played under a giant tree that had witnessed three previous generations of the groom’s family’s marriages. How utterly romantic is that?  Add to that, Karrie and Will’s hilarious senses of humor and it was a lively and rich day of shooting filled with bouquet eating horses, eye loving bugs (which Will heroically saved from his groomsmen’s eye), and a cartwheeling, breakdancing ringbearer.  And at the end of the day, empty Cheerwine bottles scattered the tables which is a perfect end to a Southern evening and wedding.

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