Nu Wray Inn + Burnsville Town Center Wedding

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I knew this was going to be a fun wedding when I walked in and Anna was donning a mustache. ¬†The fun continued as she and her dad practiced their surprise father/daughter dance which as you can see below turned out to be AWESOME! I just can’t say enough about how warm, funny, and thoughtful both Mike and Anna (and their families) were – most certainly my kinda peeps!

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Burnsville Town Center Wedding

Ceremony: Nu Wray Inn
Reception: Burnsville Town Center
Officiant: Ken Roth – Mike’s dad
Catering: Mamacita’s
Cupcakes: Westend Bakery
Florist: Emily Mainwaring – a friend of the couple
DJ: Whitney Shroyer

Second Shooter: Shawn Bauguess, husband extraordinaire