Marlene + Matt: Yesterday Spaces

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Pleased as punch to present to you the wedding of two very good friends of mine!  The groom is one of Shawn’s best friends and it was neat being able to give Shawn the day off so that he could be in the wedding party.  (Although I must admit, there were several times that I had to stop myself from saying, “Shawn! You’re in the shot!” instead thinking to myself, ‘Oh wait! He’s SUPPOSED to be in the shot.’

Congrats, Matt and Marlene!  Stoked that you’ve joined us old married fogies! Lookee here for more photos of their wedding.

Funny bride on a swing at Yesterday's Spaces

Venue: Yesterday Spaces
Officiant: Tillie Duncan – Groom’s aunt
Hair: Studio Chavarria
Flowers: Etsy and Greenlife
Caterer: Luella’s BBQ
Cupcakes: Take the Cake