Happy Anniversary to Us!

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Happy One Year to my Hubby Extraordinaire!  Woo Hoo! You’re the best! We did it! Yay for us!

After one year, one would think that I would have my own wedding photos all sorted through and ready to roll, but nuh-uh. There’s just too many good ones for me to sort through, but I am making it my goal to have it all in order by Year 2. I must! Who, you might ask, would a wedding photographer have photograph their wedding?  Oh, the answer was all too easy: why my buddy-o-pals Jason Walz and his wife for life Bia Sampaio, of course! Why? Because their photographs are AMAZING and their personalities are AMAZING and there you have it!

Jason Walz PhotographyJason Walz Photography

Since paper is traditionally the gift for first year anniversaries, I thought that it would be perfect to have Suzanne Cabrera illustrate our vows. Now, all of you that weren’t able to hear us a year ago (and I know that it was very difficult to hear us) will be able to read this whenever you stop by our house! Yay and thanks Suzanne!Suzanne Cabrera Illustration

Shawn, for his part, made Honey Do cards for me which I can use 5 per week.  These are six of 40 of the cards.  Ain’t he the greatest? Honey Do Cards by Shawn Bauguess