Kissable boudoir session: A classy kind of gal

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And she’s also in a class of her own.  Would anyone guess that she was sick with a cold this day?  I usually lie shivering, swaddled in layers of blankets, grasping on to moments of clarity with daytime television blaring in the background. Not Christi! She scoffs in the face of misery and glams it up.

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting!

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Or at least Jared & Travis were and believe me, those cats really ARE fast as lightning.  I couldn’t resist!  As many of you know, I’ve been taking Kung Fu and so I was super excited when Jared and Travis both agreed to be photographed.  They are much more advanced than I, but I can’t wait until I can do these moves!

Greensboro Martial artists practicing Kung FuGreensboro Martial artists practicing Kung Fu

Classy Kissables Boudoir Session: Ooh La Lisa

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So lately, I’ve been photographing a lot of boudoir type photography. I know the imagery that might pop into your head when you think boudoir, but I promise I don’t break out the Ron Burgandy costume to take these type of photos. For our sakes, I’ve come up with a term that I hope is a little less creeptastic: Kissable.

I’m sure Lisa’s boyfriend will agree, that she looks very kissable in the following photos from a January shoot. I love photographing Lisa who is also my go to make-up artist!

Ta Da!

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I’m so excited to FINALLY announce my blog.  I had been feeling overwhelmed with all the technologies out there to market yourself: Facebook, twitter, buzz, tumbler, blogging….and then the room would start to spin. I mean, I still break out the carton of ice cream every time a film stock is pulled off the shelves! What business did I have in starting a blog?

I admit, I wield my digital camera alongside my five film cameras, and yes, I do love all my cameras equally, but for some reason I resisted creating a blog.  Then, I had the realization that having a blog is a heck of a lot easier then updating your website every time you have a shoot. Especially for those shoots that gives you that excited feeling like the first time you picked up your camera.  And that’s been happening to me a lot lately. Sorry if that got a little corny – but it’s true!

So ta da!  Here’s to a new(ish) year and a new blog. Enjoy!