Echota Boone Wedding: Amy & Brandon

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I love a couple that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.  From the ‘That’s what she said jokes’ to the impromptu workout in full bridal attire to the groom taking some time to smell the flowers, this couple kept everyone laughing.  But with all the hilarity, there was also a beautiful and intimate ceremony with perfect details.  See for yourself!

Location: Echota Boone, NC

Wedding dress Boone, NC Wedding Photography Boone, NC

HeroesCon and the Uber-Nerdiest

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My husband has an incredibly nerdy tradition where he and his friends make an annual trip down to Charlotte to attend the HeroesCon which is a comic book convention.  I’ve never gone with him before because I am usually photographing a wedding on the same weekend, but I had no such excuse this time!  So down I went because how I love my husband and his nerdy penchants.

Also, is it weird that when I think of the word nerd in it’s most uber-nerdiest form, I want to spell it as n3rd?  Is it nerdy for me to even say ‘uber-nerdiest’?  Sigh…at any rate, I present to you Bullseye and  Silver Sable.

Silver Sable and Bullseye at the HeroesCon

NC Museum of Art Wedding: Jennifer & Matthew

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On the one hand, I thought Matthew looked like he could be a superhero with Jennifer as his smokin’ hot damsel (but Jennifer would totally hate that because she is definitely NOT the damsel in distress kind of gal, more of a kicking butt and taking names kind of gal) but on the other hand don’t you think that these two looked like they stepped out of the pages of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel?  I looove Jennifer’s non-white, non-traditional, ultra slinky wedding gown.

What do you guys think? Golden Age Jazz or Golden Age Comics?

Enjoy the pics.

Location: NC Museum of Art

Wedding at the North Carolina Museum of Art Wedding at the North Carolina Museum of Art

Lake Eden Wedding: Katy & Matthew

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Katy & Matthew – long time sweethearts – are about as giggly as they come. They were so cute making each other crack up, and the location at Lake Eden in Black Mountain, NC was to die for with the Blue Ridge as the backdrop and the rustic settings of the barn and properties.

Marley Carroll dj’d the reception and it was a BLAST!  I even got to show off some of my moves on the dance floor when everyone called me into the dance circle!  It was ridiculously fun!

Flower Arrangements: Sweet Earth Flowers

Black Mountain, NC Wedding Black Mountain, NC Wedding

Charlotte City Club Wedding: Lexi & Nirav

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Kick off your shoes and throw ’em in a pile because this wedding was about the dancing, and man-oh-man, was it F-U-N! Seriously, that’s how good it was.

Location: Charlotte City Club

DJ: Split Second

Happy Birthday, Ethan!

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I have to start off by apologizing for the long lapse in posts.  Totally unacceptable, I know, but hey, I’ve been out taking photos instead of editing them!

It was my nephew’s birthday this past weekend, and he turned the big 0-1.  One today, ten tomorrow – they grow up SO fast. In honor, of his birthday, I’m posting some images from when my husband and I recently were able to see little Ethan and my husband’s brother’s new house in the mountains. Look at how cute the hubster is with the little guy!

Sarah Simmons Turner: Comedienne extraordinaire

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I love photographing headshots if only because I get to participate, even if only for a day, in helping someone else follow their dreams of doing what they love and I just so HAPPEN to be a huge proponent of doing just that. Of course, I was thrilled when Sarah asked me to photograph her because a) she’s pretty AND hilarious and b) we’re friends from way back when. So when she came up from Atlanta for her session, not only did we have a fun afternoon in the park, but we also got to catch up over a beer (or two) afterwards.  Next time you’re down in Atlanta, go have a laugh with Sarah – you can catch her performing at Relapse Theatre, Push Push, or Dad’s Garage.

Happy Spring Everyone!

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It’s been so nice out lately, and my front porch in NC has been bursting with flowers.  In celebration of this, I’ve decided to post an image from a recent Kissable shoot that I think is very “springy”. Enjoy!

Asheville NC Boudoir Photography

Greensboro Portraits: A Fine Romance

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Suzie & Matt are such a fun couple, and they happen to be photographers themselves.  It’s always exciting and challenging to photograph fellow photographers. Many of them hate being in front of the camera (Guilty!), but not these two!

And by the way they were so snuggly, you’d expect them to have been engaged or recently married. Also, not so with these two! Going on five years of marriage and these two lovebirds can ‘out cute’ any newlyweds.

Couple in love Greensboro NC

Wishing you a happy St. Patrick’s day…

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is the lovely Jennifer. Though, I wouldn’t recommend pinching her because she’s one tough lady! But only she can look this good snuggling a teddy bear. Hope you enjoy this boudoir session!